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Get Organized with the OnTask

Pens, post-it notes and folders can clutter both your desk and your mind. Organization is not just about putting things away; it’s about keeping only the essentials and bringing order to your workday.

The OnTask was designed to de-clutter both your desk and your mind. And the two are more related than you think.

Research shows that a cluttered, disorganized workspace can lead to less persistence and lower self control. An experient by the Harvard Business Review, exposed 100 undergraduates to either an uncluttered workspace or a messy work area with papers, folders and cups scattered around.

The students then were asked to complete a “challenging” task (that was actually unsolvable.) The task was to trace a geometric figure without retracing any lines or lifting the pencil from the paper. The students in the uncluttered workspace worked on the task for 1117 seconds before giving up, and the students in the messy space only lasted 669 seconds.

This shows that the frustration that came with a messy workspace made the students less persistent and less determined to complete the task. This essentially means that a messy workspace can be self-sabotaging and clearly has an impact on your mental and cognitive abilities.

Fortunately, the OnTask can help save you from a disheveled desk and a messy mind.

Here are the two main ways that the OnTask can help you de-clutter workspace and your mind for a more productive day

The OnTask eliminates desk clutter

  1. The OnTask is a pen holder, so all those extra pens, highlighters and Sharpies on your desk can disappear inside the OnTask. A lot of pen holders leave all the pens exposed, which is nice for easy access but doesn’t always look great. With the OnTask, you can have your pens exposed, with the OnTask cap off, during your busy work hours, and you can put the cap on to completely hide all of your writing utensils when you don’t need them. This will make your desk and workspace look and feel a lot more organized.
  2. The second way the OnTask declutters your desk is that it eliminates the need for post-it notes and note pads. When you use post-it notes to jot down your tasks, you end up with a desk covered in neon distractions. Why have 10+ pieces of paper when you can use one OnTask to help you focus on your top priorities? Another bonus: you can erase your completed tasks with the OnTask, instead of crumpling up pieces of paper and forgetting to throw them in the trash.

OnTask de-clutters your mind

  1. When we have post-it notes on our desk, we tend to write down every odd task that comes up throughout the day. While reminders can be helpful, it’s hard not to let those random tasks take over the rest of our day. This can distract you from your main priorities. The post-it note system leaves you with a desk full of distractions and sets you up for multitasking (which is detrimental to productivity.) With the OnTask, you have your priorities in front of you, written out at the beginning of the day. It enables you to focus on one task at a time so that you can end your day with a completed checklist.
  2. The OnTask is also much less cluttered than digital task lists. Online lists tend to get long and complicated with links and attachments. They also compete with every other tab open in your browser, so it’s easy to lose focus. The OnTask makes things simple again. You only have one task in front of you. You get to physically write out the task and then erase it. This simple, manual process can help keep you focused and eliminate all the mind clutter that comes with more complicated task lists.

A clear mind and workspace sets you up for a productive workday, with less distractions. The OnTask is designed to eliminate the physical and mental clutter that jeopardizes your success. Free yourself from the neon distractions (post-it notes) and get your OnTask today.

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